Would it be possible if 2 dongles are running at the same time?


We’re developing our software solution based on your SecureDongle and we’re experiencing the following problem:
When two programs are accessing at the same time the dongle (open, generate random number, read user data), at some points, the dongle returns an error (with some times error code 12 “cannot generate random number” and some times error 5 “wrong password or hid“).

Can multiple processes access the same dongle simultaneously for operations such as:
find, open, generate random number, read user data?


For 2 programs call the dongle function at the same time is not recommended.
However, you can minimize the problem by call find, open, generate random number, read data, and close directly.

You are not recommended to open the dongle, and wait for another operation for long time, as this is not the correct way.


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