Installing EJBCA

It’s time to decide on what the main purpose of this EJBCA installation is:

Install EJBCA as CA with a Management CA #

This is the common option when installing your first instance of EJBCA. It creates a fully functioning instance of EJBCA, including signed management credentials and an internal administrative CA which will be used to manage all future nodes of EJBCA. See Install EJBCA as CA with a Management CA

Install EJBCA as a CA without a Management CA #

The standard option for all subsequent EJBCA CA instances, where instructions will instead be given for importing the Management CA, trust store and credentials created when you created your first instance. See Install EJBCA as a CA without a Management CA.

Install EJBCA as an RA or VA #

Similar to the previous step, a VA or RA needs to have credentials, trust stores and Management CA imported in order to administrate. Following this step will lead on to instructions on how to connect your RA or VA to the CA in order to perform its tasks. See Install EJBCA as an RA or VA.


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