PKI Appliance – Out Of Memory Issue (OOM)

Symptom: -Unable to access TMSRA
-Unable to access DB
-Unable to access EJBCA
-Unable to access WebConf

Problem: High Memory Utilization will trigger the Out of Memory (OOM) Killer which in turn end some processes/services to free up memory.


​Below is the temporary solution to help address the issue with OOM, while waiting for the latest PKI Appliance firmware (2.6.2) to be released by PrimeKey.

  1. Upload the attached file ( to the cos-tms VM in PKIBox and put it into the /root folder.
  2. Ensure that the file is executable
    • SSH to cos-tms
    • chmod u+x /root/
  3. Add a new cron job to execute the file
    • SSH to cos-tms
    • crontab -e
    • Append this to the last of the line (this makes the cron job run every midnight)
      • 0 0 * * * ssh sfp < /root/
      •  Save the file and exit


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