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Embedded Electronic OTP Card

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Security that is Convenient and Easy to Use

The stylish OTP Card from SecureMetric Technology was produced with vibrant customized artwork in a familiar credit card form factor. The OTP card Display is a high contrast LCD screen with superb readability designed for maximum brightness in all types of lighting. It comes with an instantaneous refresh rate and the data is able to scroll across the screen providing access to large amounts of information.

Your OTP Card provides strong OTP security and greater convenience for you by simply carrying it in your wallet. In order to access your online account, go through your normal process and type in the unique numeric password generated by your OTP Card. By using your OTP Card and not just static passwords, you have confidence that hackers are not able to gain access to financial accounts even if they know your name and static password information. This protects you by reducing the risk encountered when conducting online transactions.


  • Slim card form factor able to store in wallet
  • Easy to use button triggers response and one-time password
  • Large and bright Numeric display
  • Convenient to use
  • Enhance trust in online transactions
  • No card reader necessary


  • Print your logo and promote your brand
  • Increased mobility
  • Multiple functionality
  • Easy to deploy
  • Increase trust

Disclaimer: This article has been published in SecureMAG Volume 2, 2010


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