SecuGen SDK – Features

  • Easy to Integrate
    SecuGen SDKs make it quick and easy to integrate SecuGen fingerprint scanning, template generation (minutiae extraction), and template matching functions (both one-to-one and one-to-many) into almost any type of software application.
  • Flexible for Most Development Needs
    SecuGen SDKs are available as low-level API (“FDx”) and high-level API (“BSP”) packages that support a wide range of operating systems and development environments.
  • Support for Leading Biometric Standards
    Many SecuGen SDKs support U.S. and international biometric standards and include algorithms that have been intensively tested by NIST for compliance.
  • Complete Documentation
    Every SDK includes full documentation to assist with development and deployment.
  • Available Free of Charge
    SecuGen SDKs are available free of charge using our online request form.



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