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Ensure that all your devices are well-protected in every way with the best security solutions in town

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Minimise the risks your business faces on a daily basis

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Our security solutions are engineered by the best minds in the business.

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Fingerprint reader

Fingerprint Readers

Humans have been using biometrics for identification since the Stone Age. Historians believe that finger and hand prints alongside cave paintings were used as the.
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Smart card reader

Smart Card Readers

With smart cards, authentication is always of top priority. That’s why Securemetric’s smart card readers are a must for most businesses.
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FIDO token

Fido Token

FIDO U2F is an open authentication standard that enables internet users to securely access any number of online services, with one single device, instantly and.
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PKI Token

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Token

Cryptography keys can now be generated onboard and safeguard inside the secure element of securetoken to support qualified PKI certificate implementation.
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OTP Token

OTP Token

SecureOTP Time is another form of hardware based dynamic password system based on real time clocks reside inside the hardware token and the backend authentication.
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