Secure Your Digital Transformation
With Strong Authentication

Access and Identity Security

More than 85% of World’s data breaches are due to weak password!

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, organizations rely on an array of apps, tools, and devices. Effectively managing access and ensuring security is a multifaceted challenge. This complexity is compounded by the increasing prevalence of cloud-based services and the imperative for employees, partners, and customers to access resources seamlessly across diverse locations and devices.

Passwordless  Authentication

Migrate away from password management risks using the latest available technology in passwordless authentication

Enhanced Customer Experience

Provide your customers with an improved experience and security when they access your services

Single Sign-On

Centralize all of your system authentication and access management into a single trusted platform

Complex Password Management

Single Sign-On (SSO) with passwordless authentication enables users to log in once, securely accessing multiple applications, reducing the need for multiple passwords and enhancing convenience.

Security Vulnerabilities

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and/or FIDO authenticator provides an additional layer of security, requiring extra verification steps beyond passwords, effectively countering threats like phishing and unauthorized access.

Password Resets and IT Support Overhead

Self-service password reset empowers users to independently reset their passwords, alleviating IT staff workload and enhancing user satisfaction.

Application Integration Challenges

Adopting open standards such as FIDO together with robust APIs and integration capabilities simplify connecting various systems and applications to a centralized authentication system, streamlining integration.

Developer Productivity and Security

API access management tools offer secure authentication and authorization implementation in applications, boosting developer efficiency while ensuring security best practices.

Employee Onboarding and Offboarding Complexity

User lifecycle management simplifies granting new employees access and revoking access when they depart, reducing errors and enhancing efficiency.

Mobile and Remote Workforce Security

Secure access controls adapt to diverse devices and locations, ensuring remote and mobile employees access resources securely, upholding robust security.

Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

Access policies and governance features enable compliance enforcement, user activity tracking, and audit report generation, ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

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