Reader cannot read MyKad but is available in the Windows Device Manager


Reader is shows as a valid device in Device Manager but is unable to read the MyKad.
“certutil -scinfo” command shows no reader present.


Check the following registry key:


There should be a reader key under the Readers section that matches the reader being plugged in.

For example: Identiv uTrust 2700 R Smart Card Reader 0

If there is none, export the registry key from a working PC and import to the affected PC.
Note: Make sure it is running the same platform (32 bit or 64 bit)
Make sure to do a back up for the registry first.

Close the registry then check again in cmd “certutil -scinfo” and test the reader to with a MyKad.

*Disclaimer: Manually manipulating the windows registry may cause unexpected consequences. Make sure you know what you are doing before attempting this. Securemetric is not liable for any malfunctions that may result.


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