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Software Licensing Protection

With more than a decade into anti software piracy security, Securemetric Technology offers a series of software licensing protection products to help thousands of software developer to protect their software against piracy. It can effectively protect their IPs and to ensure only paying customers can access to their software.


Authentication (2FA)

When User Name + Password no long secure, you need additional security form factor to secure your online/enterprise application access. Securemetric’s offer comprehensive range of 2FA solution which include from backend authentication server to hardware token based which include One-Time-Password (OTP), Challenge Response, PKI, and Fast ID Online (FIDO).


Password Security

As we all know Password will surely be around for long even though with 2FA but how can we cross check to ensure employee follow their password policy correctly? Securemetric offer comprehensive password assessment services tailored to help enterprises to assess and to improve their enterprise password security.


Hardware Security
Module (HSM)

HSM is a dedicated cryptography server to generate and safe keep cryptography keys into a highly protected with temper proof environment. HSM is commonly used as the “safety box” for many security implementations where all the cryptography operations will also be performed in and within its highly secure environment.



Public Key
Infrastructure (PKI)

Securemetric is well known with its PKI domain expertise in Southeast Asia, PKI project is not just about supplying technology. Our PKI teams consist of more than just PKI engineers but also many ex-senior executives of Public/Government CAs with strong business know how together with solid knowledge into regulation compliancy and industry best practices.


Advanced Multifactor Authentication

CENTAGATE is a enterprise class advanced authentication solution that can enable enterprise to establish a single authentication platform for enterprise wide applications. CENTAGATE is built-in support for multiple form factors, multiple channels, multiple steps and multiple interfaces. Its patented hybrid Risk Scoring engine can effective predicted and defend against unknown suspicious attack even before it happen.


Digital Signature

A digital signature is a mathematical technique used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message, software or digital document. By performing a digital signature using a qualified digital certificate will also means the digitally signed documents/transactions are legally bind by the local law. Securemetric offers wide range of digital signature applications.


As A Service

Cryptography Key lifecycle and HSM management has been common challenges to many organization. Securemetric offers an innovative solution to transform from the typical decentralized method to a centralized and automated way of managing the Cryptography keys. In additional it could help organization to save costs via its shared HSMs methodology.


Securemetric SecureDongle helps more than 2000 Organization/Software developers protect their software license

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