SigningCloud Collaborates with Singpass to Safeguard Digital Transactions with Advanced Security Measures in Singapore

SigningCloud, a Signing as a Service (SaaS)-based digital signing solution powered by Securemetric Technology Pte Ltd, is proud to announce its partnership with Singpass, Singapore’s trusted authentication gateway…
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Protect Your Organisation: Don’t Ignore Vendor Code Signing Procedures!

Introduction: In the interconnected world of the twenty-first century, businesses rely significantly on third-party vendors for software and components. With this dependency, however, comes the risk of supply…
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Safeguarding Data in the Cloud: The Essential Role of Centralized Key Management for Banks

Introduction: In today’s digital era, banks are increasingly leveraging cloud and multi-cloud environments to drive operational efficiency. However, the security and confidentiality of sensitive data must remain a…
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Type of Digital Certificates

Types of Digital Certificates

I think by now, most users of the Internet would know to look for the lock symbol on a browser to know if the website is secure. But…
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Zero Trust Architecture and PKI for a Secure Digital Banking initiative

Bank Negara, the Central bank of Malaysia (for the benefit of our non-Malaysian readers), will likely announce five organizations that will be issued the first Digital Banking licenses…
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SigningCloud Version 2.0. ‘V2’ Has Now Reached Your Screens!

Our team provides highly skilled & experienced project managers who know the intricacies of this vertical and focus on providing innovative solutions in Oil & Gas sector...
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