Why I received error C0 eventhough I had successfully generate the update file?

Symptom: Successfully generate the update file with the mother dongle. When try to update the child dongle with update tool, I received error C0.

Problem: Error C0 when try to update the dongle with update tool.


On our License Manager, before you create the update file, you need to generate the same key pair with the dongle you want to update later.

For e.g:
1. Mother dongle generate a new key pair (Key Pair A)
2. Generate update file
3. Client dongle restores the same Key Pair A
4. Client dongle use the update tool to update the dongle

If you generate new key pair(for e.g Key Pair B), and update the file generated with key pair A generated by the mother dongle, it will caused an error 0xC0.


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