Utimaco Atalla AT1000

The fastest HSM in Payment Industry

Utimaco Atalla AT1000

Discover the Power of Atalla AT1000: The Ultimate Payment HSM

Unleash the potential of secure non-cash retail payment transactions and cardholder authentication with Atalla AT1000. Seamlessly connecting the payment ecosystem for providers, acquirers, processors, and issuers, AT1000 ensures interbanking excellence with unmatched hardware security.

Pinnacle of Compliance: Atalla AT1000 Payment HSM

Embark on unparalleled compliance with Atalla AT1000, the foremost payment HSM on the market. Immerse yourself in the assurance of NextGen FIPS 140-2 L3 certification, coupled with FIPS 140-2 L4 (physical design) compliance and PCI PTS HSM v3 endorsement. Crafted with precision, AT1000 is purposefully designed to safeguard sensitive customer data, execute cardholder authentication, and seamlessly manage cryptographic keys essential for e-commerce retail payment transactions. Elevate your security infrastructure with Atalla AT1000, where compliance is the bedrock of a secure payment future.

Key Features:

Atalla Key Block (AKB)

* ANSI standards community approved key block format
* Supports the interchange of symmetric keys in a secure manner
* Key attributes are included in the exchanged data
* Ensures that the cipher text is untouched through binding the key with the integrated attributes

Remote Management

* Remote workflow-based model * Combines HSM configuration and key management
* Meets the PCI Dual Control Requirement without the need for physical presence
* Possibility to streamline software and license upgrades, HSM security policy management, key loading

Secure Configuration Assistant (SCA)

* Versatile tablet-based tool
* Implements intuitive remote and local management of the HSM
* Enables security administrators to easily configure commands, define parameters, calculate cryptograms, and inject cryptographic keys
* Easy-to-use GUI with a natural event and decision flow Improve the user experience and productivity of the security administrator
* Reduce risks of errors

Robust Backup and Restore

* Robust backup and restore capability with a user configurable policy
* Initializing multiple HSMs to a pre-configured known state without Admin Smartcards or key components

SmartCard Authentication

* Using preoperatory digitally signed smartcards for authentication
* Allows secure administration of smartcards
* Provides authentication via tamper-reactive device Atalla Secure Keypad (ASK)
* For security critical data entry e.g. key components, and PINs

Multi-Domain Support

* Full multi-domain key and policy enforcement
* Create and manage up to 10 HSMs in a single 1U Hardware appliance
* Applying separate policy enforcements and Master File Keys (MFKs) to govern individuality of each HSM

Redundant Hardware

* Designed for high performance ecosystems that cannot afford downtime
* Every technical component is fully redundant including power supplies, hard drives, Network Interface Cards (NIC), etc.
* Protection from external failure through implemented NIC Teaming

Payment Emulator

* Emulate other Payment APIs in the industry to communicate with Atalla API and NextGen RESTful interface
* Gain easy access to all Atalla features

Rest API Support

* Utilize the flexible, stateless, easy to use and secure Representational State Transfer Application Programming Interface (REST API) to communicate with your Atalla HSM
* Harness the unrivaled protection of Atalla HSMs in public, private and hybrid cloud environments
* Further enhance the security of additional HSMs by the support of TLS, ACL, multiple domains and mutual authentication additionally
1 %
of software installed on PCs around the world in 2015 were not properly licensed (a decrease from 43% in BSA’s previous global study published in 2014)
1 %
worldwide rate of unlicensed use in banking, insurance and securities industries (despite the fact that much tighter control of the digital environment is expected)
1 billion
The commercial value of unlicensed software worldwide plunged (BSA’s 2014 report cited commercial value of $62.7 billion)

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