SigningCloud Version 2.0. ‘V2’ Has Now Reached Your Screens!

After months of careful planning and thorough R&D, Securemetric’s wholly-owned subsidiary SigningCloud Sdn Bhd re-launched its main offering ‘SigningCloud’ with a brand new look and more incredible features. On 16 August 2021, the new SigningCloud website went live at the strike of midnight, to the delight and excitement of our trusted users.

This new version of SigningCloud, dubbed ‘SigningCloud V2’ featured an unveil of a brand-spanking new website, a new logo, added features and a more seamless User Interface (UI). SigningCloud – a homegrown Malaysian brand specialising in safe digital signature solutions – was first launched in July 2020 and went on to amass thousands of users within its first year.

In 2021, the Company decided to expand its offerings and revamp the current website so that our users and site visitors can enjoy a better electronic signing experience at an affordable price. SigningCloud’s versatile packages start from FREE and can be customised to suit each organisation or individual’s signing needs. In addition, SigningCloud offers UNLIMITED document e-signing with UNLIMITED signers – so that more people can reap its benefits.

Here’s what else you can expect from SigningCloud V2:

Integration With Document Management System (DMS)

The available DMS in SigningCloud is On-Premises Alfresco, Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft OneDrive.

Bulk Signing

Digitally sign certain documents in one go, saving substantial time in opening the document and signing them one by one.

Verification Method Set By The Document Signer

The new version allows document signers to select their preferred verification method during signing to authenticate their identity. The 3 verification methods available are SMS OTP, Mobile OTP and Push Notification.

Document & Signature Forwarding

SigningCloud now enables document creators and signers to reallocate a document to another person by simply inputting the email address of the new signer.

Diskspace Storage Control Mechanism

The new version of SigningCloud offers unlimited document if it doesn’t exceed the provided diskspace storage quota which starts from 1GB for free users.

Visibility & Accessibility of API Created Documents

This new feature allows users who integrate SigningCloud’s REST API to view and manage their documents through the SigningCloud website as well.

Integrated with Pos Digicert

SigningCloud continues to enhance the platform by adding more trusted CA providers with Pos Digicert as the latest.

Switch Account Invitation

This new feature was designed to invite existing account holders in SigningCloud to join another existing account.

Document Creation Flow On Mobile Apps

SigningCloud’s mobile application supports document creation flow in the new version; thus, users’ ability to create documents are not limited to the portal only.

If you’ve yet to explore SigningCloud’s new look and feel, head on over to or download the mobile app on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to enjoy secure and convenient digital signature solutions for your business.

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