SigningCloud Collaborates with Singpass to Safeguard Digital Transactions with Advanced Security Measures in Singapore

SigningCloud, a Signing as a Service (SaaS)-based digital signing solution powered by Securemetric Technology Pte Ltd, is proud to announce its partnership with Singpass, Singapore’s trusted authentication gateway ( commonly referred as Singapore National Digital Identity ), to revolutionise the security landscape and offer Singaporeans and advanced solution for secure and efficient online transactions. Securemetric Technology Pte Ltd is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Securemetric Bhd, a publicly listed company in Malaysia.

Digital signatures play a vital role in ensuring the authenticity and integrity of electronic documents and transactions. Through this collaboration, SigningCloud empowers Singpass users in Singapore to sign documents digitally, eliminating the vulnerability of traditional paper-based signatures. Backed by Singpass’s high-security authentication measures, SigningCloud’s digital signatures are legally binding and recognised under Singapore’s Electronic Transactions Act.

What sets SigningCloud apart is its seamless integration with Singpass, the gold standard in authentication gateways. Singpass, leveraging signing certificates issued by the National Certification Authority, empowers businesses and their customers to digitally sign agreements securely. By utilising Singpass’s robust infrastructure, SigningCloud ensures that each signature is cryptographically linked to the signer, providing an additional layer of security.

Digital signatures are not just about convenience; they are a fundamental pillar in fortifying cybersecurity,” emphasised Edward Law, the Chief Executive Officer of Securemetric. “By adopting digital signatures, businesses and individuals can safeguard their documents, prevent unauthorised alterations, and uphold the highest standards of data integrity.”

The collaboration between SigningCloud and Singpass streamlines the authentication and signing process, creating an all-in-one flow for secure digital transactions. Singpass integration allows SigningCloud’s Singapore users to authenticate their Singpass identity with higher assurance, ensuring a seamless experience from login to signing. Furthermore, the use of Singapore NCA (National Certification Authority) certificates in SigningCloud guarantees the cryptographic linkage of signatures, bolstering the credibility of digitally signed documents.

SigningCloud’s main goal is to enable cross border digital signing starting with ASEAN countries. With the official launch of SigningCloud in Singapore, we are another step closer in realising our goal.

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