V11 Smart Mobile ID Terminal


V11 Smart Mobile Biometric ID Terminal

The all-in-one V11 Smart OS based Mobility Biometric ID terminal empowers your team to be productive, no matter where they are. All functions such as Contact & Contactless Card Reader, Biometric Fingerprint Reader, front & rear camera and 4G LTE connectivity, are built in a compact user-friendly handheld terminal. With this all functionality, allow you read and verify biometric & identity document reading anytime and anywhere. The custom-built Smart OS of V11 also to assure the data protection and make V11 is a controlled device. The user will not be able to simply install any application as well malware or export the data out from the terminal.

A better all-in-one V11 Biometric ID Terminal remove the troublesome of carrying the PC/ laptop/ seperate smart phone nor tablet, several wired identity verification devices as well the hassle for set up, V11 empowers the team operation outside of the office in smarter and convenient way. We provide the user-friendly Software Development Kit (SDK) by allow the application’s functionality, workflow, user interface and system integration to be customizable by the software developer /system integrator.

Read & Verify Biometric & identity documents

  • E-passport
  • E-ID
  • Working Permit
  • NFC Contactless ID Card
  • NFC Tickets
  • Employee Cards
  • Application

  • Identity Verification
  • Mykad/Mykid/Mytentera/MyPR Criminal Identification
  • e-Government e.g E-Election
  • User Registration
  • Live person EKYC
  • Time Attendance
  • HR Time Tracking
  • Event Identity verification
  • Event Ticket validity checking
  • National ID Card Reading & Verification
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    1 %
    worldwide rate of unlicensed use in banking, insurance and securities industries (despite the fact that much tighter control of the digital environment is expected)
    1 billion
    The commercial value of unlicensed software worldwide plunged (BSA’s 2014 report cited commercial value of $62.7 billion)

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