Badan Siber Dan Sandi Negara upgraded to EJBCA Enterprise

In a significant milestone of 2017, Securemetric clinched a pivotal contract to deliver EJBCA Enterprise, acclaimed as the world's most popular PKI software, to the esteemed Badan Siber dan Sandi Negara Republik Indonesia (BSSN).


Charged by the Indonesian government with the pivotal role of establishing and operating the Indonesia Government Certificate Authority, BSSN is entrusted with the issuance of digital identities and pivotal trust services to governmental entities nationwide.

Leveraging their proficient familiarity with EJBCA Community, the open-source iteration, BSSN’s adept technical team embarked on the journey with EJBCA Enterprise. Distinguished by its advanced PKI functionalities and augmented by a commercial service level agreement, EJBCA Enterprise proved an astute choice.

Securing the mantle of the value-added distributor for EJBCA Enterprise across Southeast Asia, Securemetric was privileged to be an integral part of this monumental project. Our involvement underscores our commitment to ushering cutting-edge PKI solutions into the regional forefront, solidifying our dedication to fostering secure digital identities and trust services.

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