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Introducing 11DB/Postgres™: Elevate Your Data Journey

The logo, a mirrored ‘db,’ pays homage to the elephant, PostgreSQL’s cherished mascot known for its memory prowess. Just as elephants never forget, our system ensures unwavering data retention. Representing both ‘Elephant DB’ and the binary significance of 11, it embodies the power of digital systems.

11DB/Postgres™, a Relational Database Management System, is the pinnacle of ANSI-SQL compliance and derives from PostgreSQL Open Source. With a commercial license, it stands as your trusted solution for advanced data management.

Why Choose 11DB/Postgres™?:

Source Code Derivation

Built upon the powerful foundation of PostgreSQL's source code, 11DB/Postgres™ inherits its robustness and capabilities, transforming it into an exceptional enterprise solution.

Effortless Deployment and Management

Unlike conventional software deployments, 11DB/Postgres™ simplifies the process with container images, ensuring swift and hassle-free setup.

Integrated High Availability

Enjoy native high availability features, eliminating the need for additional installations or configurations.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Experience comprehensive and essential monitoring tools, providing valuable insights into your system's performance.

Connector Versatility

11DB/Postgres™ supports various connectors like JDBC and ODBC, allowing seamless integration with modern applications.

Automated Snapshot and Backup

Ensure data security with automatic snapshot and real-time incremental backups in multiple locations.

Capacity Planning with Metrics Analysis

Accurate capacity planning is facilitated through comprehensive historical metric analysis, aiding in precise sizing.

Robust Transaction Handling

With Multiversion Concurrency Control (MVCC), 11DB/Postgres™ expertly manages high load transaction systems, maintaining data integrity and atomicity.

JSON Data Storage and Indexing

Diversify your data storage capabilities by effortlessly managing and querying JSON data, optimizing application processing.

JSON Data Storage and Indexing

Diversify your data storage capabilities by effortlessly managing and querying JSON data, optimizing application processing.

Custom Logic Implementation

Empower developers with the ability to create custom functions, triggers, and stored procedures as per specific requirements.

Exceptional Online Transaction Processing

Proven to handle high online transaction loads, 11DB/Postgres™ reliably supports up to ~100,000 TPS.

Effortless Replication

Native replication features eliminate complexity, enabling seamless and rapid data replication.

Robust Data Security

Ensure sensitive data security with native audit and security management capabilities integrated into 11DB/Postgres™.

View and Materialization Features

Optimize query execution with views and materialization, reducing load on frequent access views, such as those used in monitoring dashboards or reports.
1 %
of software installed on PCs around the world in 2015 were not properly licensed (a decrease from 43% in BSA’s previous global study published in 2014)
1 %
worldwide rate of unlicensed use in banking, insurance and securities industries (despite the fact that much tighter control of the digital environment is expected)
1 billion
The commercial value of unlicensed software worldwide plunged (BSA’s 2014 report cited commercial value of $62.7 billion)

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