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Cryptographic services are essential component in IT security implementation as to protect sensitive information, trust and integrity are derived from the security underlying signing and encryption keys. HSM is the only viable option that can protect those keys while able to perform mission critical cryptography operations within its highly secured and tempered proof environment. HSM is one of the critical elements in most of the PKI and other security solution implementation.

SecureMetric is the certified technical partner for both Ultra Electronic AEP from United Kingdom and Utimaco from Germany. We distribute full range of their HSM products while offering value added cryptography module customization and project implementation services.
1 %
of software installed on PCs around the world in 2015 were not properly licensed (a decrease from 43% in BSA’s previous global study published in 2014)
1 %
worldwide rate of unlicensed use in banking, insurance and securities industries (despite the fact that much tighter control of the digital environment is expected)
1 billion
The commercial value of unlicensed software worldwide plunged (BSA’s 2014 report cited commercial value of $62.7 billion)

Case Studies

SecureToken Brochure

SecureToken is an advanced secure microprocessor smart chip based USB token that integrates with powerful cryptographic technology designed for strong 2-Factor Authentication


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