Webinar by MATRADE- Cross Border Business Transformation and Continuation During COVID-19

Webinar about Cross Border E-Commerce, Digital Customer On-boarding (EKYC), Digital Signature, Cyber Security and Compliances

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Register at: https://lnkd.in/gyg5t85

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely impacted the global economy. SMEs experienced disruptions and business disconnections on a scale never felt before. Fortune 500 companies saw their global value and supply chains dismantled and the world woke up to the possibility of a new business norm emerging as a result of the global pandemic.

How will companies survive? Can they adapt and shift to new digital business models? Will they be able to improve existing practices to ensure crucial business continuity, deal with domestic and international clients and be able to generate strong new leads to reach new frontiers in global markets?

Register and tune in to listen to three Malaysian ICT companies, who will share their experience and expertise in digital adoption for business expansion. Learn how they have helped other Malaysian SMEs with digital marketing, customer profiling and analytics, engaging with existing and new customers to widen business reach, leveraging on e-marketplaces and the critical role of cyber security in protecting your business.


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