Webinar series with MDEC – Digital Vs Covid: Cybersecurity Tech Relief for Business Continuity

COVID-19 pandemic has profoundly affected individuals and organizations globally. While this crisis is unprecedented, it brings impacts to the economy, business, society, and public safety. And we must quickly adapt to the new normal.

While many sectors are experiencing significant slowdowns and disruptions, With the vast majority of employees working remotely, the Home has become the New Enterprise, exponentially expanding the attack surface overnight and creating significant opportunities for hackers. Cybersecurity attacks have spiked with hackers exploiting COVID-19 pandemic to launch new phishing campaigns related to the virus, fake websites, and fake social media profiles are disseminating disinformation. Cybersecurity’s importance to organizations and businesses to operate on the digital platform remains as critical as ever. While companies are racing to protect against the risk of cybersecurity gaps and growing vulnerabilities, We expect to see the massive requirement of the Cybersecurity solutions that will enable the business.

The series of webinars where challenges of new normal and Cybersecurity solutions collaboration between the Public-Private sector facilitate by Malaysia MSC to combat cybersecurity challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Join either one of the series of webinars which scheduled as follow:-

Join the webinar today by register at https://lnkd.in/fj-8Mkn

During this webinar series, we will share with the audience about our Securemetric’s CENTAGATE Multifactor Solution.

CENTAGATE Multifactor Authentication (MFA) can give you peace of mind by providing strong user authentication when critical IT systems are accessed remotely from home.


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