The Star news : Dump your passwords, improve your security. Really

The news mentioned Passwords/weak passwords are a pain for many organizations.

“Services from Google, Facebook, and Apple allow you to use your passwords for their services at other sites, but you have to give them even more power over your life online.” Are you looking for something balance between privacy and security, FIDO is the way to moving forward.

The technology introduced in the news called FIDO, overhauls the log-in process, combining your phone; face and fingerprint recognition; and new gadgets called hardware security keys.

Because it works only with legitimate websites, FIDO able to stop phishing attacks, a type of security attack in which hackers use a fraudulent email and a bogus site to con you into giving up your login information.

FIDO also eases company worries about catastrophic data breaches, particularly of sensitive customer information like account credentials. Stolen passwords won’t be enough for a hacker to use to log on, and if Fido catches on, companies might not require passwords to start with.

A big advantage of this approach is that a Fido security device – either a hardware security key or a phone acting as one – won’t work with faked websites, a common trap set by hackers when phishing for passwords.

Unlike people, who often don’t notice a well-crafted bogus website, security keys are registered to work only with a legitimate site.

“With security keys, instead of the user needing to verify the site, the site has to prove itself to the key,” Mark Risher, a leader of authentication work at Google, wrote in a blog post.

Successful phishing attempts dropped to zero at Google after it moved its tens of thousands of employees to security keys.

No passwords also mean a decrease in sensitive data for hackers to steal. That’s music to the ears of IT administrators.

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Monday, 11 May 2020

By Stephen Shankland

Topic: Cybersecurity Technology Internet


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