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Multi Factor Authentication

Advance Multi-factors Authentication


CENTAGATE® is a Common Criteria EAL 4+ Certified enterprise class advanced authentication solution that can enable enterprise to establish a single authentication platform for enterprise wide applications. CENTAGATE® is built-in with support for Multiple Form Factors, Multiple Channels, Multiple Interfaces and Multiple Steps. CENTAGATE®’s patented hybrids Risk Scoring engine can effectively predict and defend against unknown suspicious attack even before it happen.

CENTAGATE® is one of Securemetric’s latest patented innovations with the target to enable Authentication As A Platform, as an on-demand Centralized Identification and Access Management system to fulfill enterprise wide authentication needs. CENTAGATE® designed to be highly robust, scalable, flexible, platform independent, with component based architecture using JAVA EE technology.

Key Features of CENTAGATE®


Multiple Form Factors

CENTAGATE® built-in support for SMS OTP, OTP Token, Mobile OTP, CR Token, Mobile CR, QR Code, PKI Token, Mobile PKI, FIDO Token, Challenge Questions and Answers, static password with policy, and list goes on. CENTAGATE® offers as centralized Identity Management with highly flexible yet comprehensive authentication form factor options, surely one or more will fit into your requirements.


Multiple Interfaces

CENTAGATE® supports various different integration interfaces such as WebSSO using SAML 2.0, Web Service APIs through RESTful APIs, Radius Protocol and FIDO U2F standard. Generally CENTAGATE® supports on any JAVA, PHP, ASP, ASP.Net or any other web applications that can call Web Services methods. It can also be integrated to any compliant devices, such as Firewall, networking devices, and other closed source applications which provides Radius protocol compatibility or SSO via SAML2.0 integration. CENTAGATE® helps organization achieve the objective of “One-For-All Authentication Platform”.


Multiple Channels

Multiple channels during authentication could effectively helps to prevent real-time attacks include Man-In-The-Middle/Browser and real-time phishing/Pharming. CENTAGATE® provides different channels via PC, Out-Of-Band Mobile Push, QR Code Scanning and SMS. Whenever needed, the system will authenticate a user through multiple channels to increase the security strength.


Multiple Steps

CENTAGATE®’s Hybrid Risk Scoring engine is a patented comprehensive authentication fraud detection platform that is designed to measure the risk and rules associated with a user’s login together with its post-login activities by evaluating variety of risk indicators such as Operating System, Browser, IP Address/Location, Time and Transaction Behavior (only for customised project). Whenever the system detects any scenarios that are high risk, it will trigger additional steps of authentication through different channels. This method can effectively detect suspicious transactions, even before it could happen.


Secured Mobile Token

CENTAGATE® provides native mobile application compatible with iOS and Android devices which has built-in strong cryptographic mechanisms that can be used as a reliable security token. CENTAGATE®’s Mobile SDK will be provided to facilitate client mobile application integration.

Transaction Authorization/Signing

Transaction Authorization/Signing

CENTAGATE® supports 3 different security level methods to authorise transaction,

• Transaction Authorization Code (low security)
Request a SMS/OTP code to be keyed in as to authorize a transaction.

• Transaction Signature Code (medium security)
An OTP signature to authorize a transaction will be generated after an input data provided by the client application.

Digital Signature Solutions (high security)
User will sign the transaction digitally using PKI (either hardware token or token) where a PKCS#7 digital signature format will then be validated by CENTAGATE®.

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