Utimaco’s Block-safe Hardware Security Module (HSM) wins Fintech Award 2019

The award, which was announced in an Award Presentation Ceremony in Hongkong on 17 January, recognizes Utimaco’s Block-safe Hardware Security Module (HSM) which secures sensitive identities, keys and data used in blockchain-based distributed computing platforms, as an Outstanding Blockchain Technology in a Digital Signature Certification Solution.

Utimaco Block-safe enables companies to generate, manage and protect cryptographic keys for blockchain applications. For example, private keys can be securely stored in accordance with PSD2 and GDPR security requirements. In addition, Block-safe allows for easy integration of new deployments in highly regulated environments, such as “Know Your Customer” (KYC) processes in accordance with the Money Laundering Act or smart payment methods based on blockchain. Furthermore, Block-safe has built-in post-quantum secure cryptographic random number generators in accordance with the SP 800-90 recommendation of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

This is the third edition of the FinTech Awards, . The FinTech Awards 2019 distinguishes enterprises that contribute outstanding efforts to support the development of FinTech Products, Services, and Enterprises, as well as support innovative solutions that can potentially change citizen’s lives. Award categories include for example Artificial Intelligence, Cloud, Consumer Payments Initiative, Retail Banking and Blockchain Solutions.

“We are proud that our Block-safe solution launched last year was chosen as the Outstanding Blockchain Technology in a Digital Signature Certification Solution by the Fintech Award judges. This validates the quality and market relevance of our technology and gives independent guidance to all organizations in the banking and payment industry that are looking to protect cryptographic keys for their blockchain applications“ says Teo Poh Soon, Sales Director Asia at Utimaco.

Source: https://hsm.utimaco.com/news/utimaco-wins-fintech-award-2019-for-its-block-safe-solution/


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