Securemetric has launched its cloud-based security-as-a-service solutions platform-CENTAGATECLOUD

16 Jan 2020, Digital security firm Securemetric Bhd has launched its cloud-based cybersecurity platform CENTAGATECLOUD.

CENTAGATE, which is short for Centralised Authentication Gateway, manages user authentication and supports multi-factor and multi-channel authentication. It allows enterprises to establish a single authentication platform for enterprise-wide applications.

All enterprises are encouraged to sign up with CENTAGATECLOUD’s account to defend enterprises’ electronic identity and access their enterprise applications via Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) + Single Sign-on (SSO) + Risk Scoring authentication platform.

“With such a cloud-native platform, we are able to meet high customer demand for a wide and flexible portfolio of solutions – from on-premise services to cloud-based services and managed security services – to combat the ever-increasing cyber threat.

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Deputy Minister of International Trade & Industry Dr Ong Kian Ming (left) and Securemetric Bhd CEO Edward Law Seeh Key at the launch of Centagate Cloud.


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