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Securemetric played a pivotal role in collaborating with Indonesian digital trust provider, PT PrivyID, to establish their robust Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system.


In 2018, Securemetric was chosen as the esteemed technology vendor by PT PrivyID. Our collaboration encompassed the comprehensive design, architecture, and seamless implementation of their entire Certificate Authority system. This intricate undertaking also involved consulting services to aid in achieving their esteemed Webtrust certification.

As a pioneering startup in the digital identity and certified digital signature domain, PT PrivyID stands out as Indonesia’s foremost licensed Certificate Authority, regulated and overseen by Kominfo. With over 40 million individual users, 3,000 enterprise clients, and an impressive tally of over 150 million electronically signed documents via PrivyID’s web and mobile app, their influence in the digital realm is undeniable.

Securemetric’s role extends beyond project completion, as we continue to provide unwavering technical support to PT PrivyID, strengthening our commitment through an enduring service level engagement. Our collaboration exemplifies the power of expertise and innovation in propelling digital trust and security forward.

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