My Internship Experience | Elycia Rassini A/P Denial Arlandu

Elycia joined as a Technology-based trainee. Despite being a rookie, she is willing to take up challenges and is put in a project that successfully helped the group to digitalise the entire work processes. The entire engagement takes about 3 months.

How do you find the internship experience at Securemetric?

The members here are open-mindedness, non-judgemental and warm. It makes me comfortable to mingle around and gives me good mood to work. Although I am a trainee, I am treated with impartiality. I am given opportunity to attend multiple internal trainings and external workshops during my 6-month internship. I am also being appreciated for my work and given recognition. The company understands that relieving stress is essential for a person to be productive. They provide all kinds of sports activities, even though we can only play table tennis with not more than 2 players during the pandemic time, we also had some fun office games to help us to relieve stress. The company provides opportunities for me to develop my strengths and also gives me chance to explore more new things in different fields available. Overall, it is a great place to widen my knowledge and experience in a modern adaptable working environment.


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