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SecureMetric SecureDongle helps more than 2000 Organization/Software developers protect their software license

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Software Licensing Protection

With more than 25 years of experiences, SecureMetric Technology offers software licensing protection services and helped more than 2000 software developers protecting their software license against software piracy.


Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

With more than 18 years of pioneering PKI related projects in the region, SecureMetric has become the expert in PKI technologies. By partnering with the right partner around the world, SecureMetric offers our best total end-to-end PKI solutions to our clients.


PKI Appliance

As the only Regional Technology Partner around Asia for PrimeKey, SecureMetric offers probably the best PKI Appliance to the market. PrimeKey’s PKI Appliance would be the best choice for clients that wish to simplify and manage PKI professionally and easily.


Hardware Security Module (HSM)

SecureMetric carries different models of Hardware Security Module from Ultra Electronics AEP and Utimaco to fulfill difference needs for Banks, Enterprises and Governments.



CENTAGATE (Centralized Authentication Gateway) is a patented innovative authentication solution from SecureMetric. CENTGATE is a cutting edge technologies authentication platform that built with Adaptive Intelligence and works with multi channel, multi factors, multi steps, multi layer, and multi interfaces.


Key Management

Managing cryptographic keys is a critical part of the information lifecycle. Keys are used to secure data-at-rest (e.g. in databases) and data-in-transit (e.g. to secure connections between systems).


Digital Signature Solution

A digital signature (not to be confused with a digital certificate) is a mathematical technique used to validate the authenticity and integrity of a message, software or digital document.


Password Security

EPAS is a customization password assessment solution made for enterprises with trusted computing and encryption. EPAS have proven and help enterprises increase password security tremendously.


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