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Mitigating Cybersecurity Risks in Banking & Finance

Time Agenda
8:30am-9:00am Registration
  • Company overview (10 mins)
    • Company overview
  • Market Trends in Cryptographic (30 mins)
    • PQC
    • Crypto Agility
    • Regulations
  • Evolution of cHSM (25 mins)
    • u.Trust Anchor Se100/Se2k/Se5k
    • CSAR – State of art HSM Farm
10:05am-10:25am Break
    • PDPA
    • Solution to mitigate PDPA
    • OASIS - KMIP
    • Solution to achieve best practice in key management
  • Technical Walkthrough – Show and tell session
    • uTrust LANCrypt Technical Showcase – 60 mins
    • Demo – LAN Crypt
    • Showcase on uTrust LANCrypt Cloud
    • Showcase on uTrust LANCrypt 2GO
12:05pm-1:15pm Q & A – 15 mins – followed by lunch

Thank you for your interest in our event. It has ended successfully, and registration is now closed. We appreciate your enthusiasm and participation and look forward to welcoming you to future events. Keep an eye out for upcoming opportunities!

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