MSC Malaysia Certified Solutions – Immense impact to industry and consumers

NST, Malaysia oldest newspaper still in print features Securemetric Technology in their July 13th 2012 issue newspaper titled “MSC Malaysia Certified Solutions – Immense impact to industry and consumers”, Securemetric Technology is the only MSC certified company among other 8 companies that specialized in digital security featured in the same issue.

The article was about MSC certified companies undergoing assessment under MSC Malaysia Certified Solution which was independently reviewed by TUV Rheinland.

“When you deal with organizations where digital security is their top priority, you have to make sure that your security is impeccable.” –Mr. Edward Law, Securemetric’s CEO

Secure,etric SecureTMS-RA has been assessed and tested against stringent criteria specified in the MSC Malaysia Certified Solutions “PaSs-RF” Standard and successfully fulfilled all the criteria and certified with MSC Malaysia Software Product Rating Assessment & Rating Standard requirements.

SecureTMS-RA is a complete lifecycle management system where it also offers end-user self-service facilities to minimize administrator intervention, it is built on open standard architecture and a JAVA based system therefore it provides  maximum flexibility and a cross-platform compatibility.

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