KUALA LUMPUR: BankTech Asia 2011, an annual banking technology conference & exhibition hosted in Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC) featuring top experts in financial industry to speak and showcase the latest technologies available in the market today, has always attracted decision makers from banking industry around the region.

Securemetric Technology, fast growing and pioneer player in the region as digital security technology driven company is one of the exhibitor in BankTech Asia ’11 showcasing their latest technologies and products featuring Secure Tower and SecureOTP card.  Secure Tower, a Data Leak Protection (DLP) system by FalconGaze is a complex and ideal system for banks or organizations to protect their confidential documents from leaking out or falling into the wrong hands.

But one of the highlights of the event is Securemetric Technology secureOTP card, a One-Time-Password (OTP) token integrated into a credit card. SecureOTP card is just like any typical credit card featuring smart chip and magnetic stripe except it contains a microchip inside, 6 digit display and 12-button touch keypad all powered by state of the art paper battery which enables SecureOTP maintain its credit card size and slimness.

For more information about Securemetric’s Secure Tower and SecureOTP card, please visit www.securemetric.com or download the brochure here.