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Mobile Applications Protection


What is SMobileShieldX?

SMobileShieldX (SMSX) a Runtime Application Self-Protection (RASP) solution that continuously monitors and prevents attacks at runtime on both Android and iOS mobile apps — detecting and shutting down potential malicious activity right away.

SMobileShieldX integrates directly into the mobile application to provide various kind of proactive security against a wide range of attacks such as debugging, code injection, code modification and many other technique. Our technology support both iOS and Android application.

Add multi-layered security to solve these mobile app security issues

1. SMobileShieldX protects your apps from static analysis (encryption and obfuscation). Our technology makes sure the source code is unreadable to attackers that manage to decompile or disassemble them. This prevents the attacker from gaining insight into the structure of your apps, extracting or altering the code and exploiting vulnerabilities.

2. SMobileShieldX also detects and prevents dynamic analysis and real-time attacks. Our technology allows you to safeguard mobile apps against:
· Reverse engineering/decompilation
· Malware insertion
· Spoofing of apps to access sensitive data
· Intellectual property theft and piracy
· Tampering with security controls or sensitive functions
· Unauthorized access and fraud




SMobileShieldX is a security technology that provides self-protection abilities to the mobile application.


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