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Mobile Runtime Application Self Protection


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Mobile runtime application self-protection (RASP) is a security protection that built into a mobile application. It is different from firewalls system that can only block and detect by using network info, RASP is the next generation of app security and rely less on external devices. It not only comes into play when the idle time, it also play when the application is in runtime. RASP effectively detects any malicious input and block the real time apps attack that try to steal the information from mobile device.

Why mobile runtime application self-protection is critical for an app? Web developer often neglects app security during development, most of the apps in market lack of the ability to detect and block attacks. Therefore, mobile apps must be capable of security self-testing, diagnostics and protection. Most of us use various security tools to implement security from the outside in. Mobile apps are hard to protect, because apps are on the devices not always owned by the corporate. And the devices are operating outside of the corporate protection. Many apps have bugs due to operating system outdated and did not update often, so malware or threat could already be residing there.

Mobile runtime application self-protection creates a shield against foreign code injection. RASP will auto shut down or reconfiguring when they detect any suspicious threat that might harm the devices. It will send alert to the user to prevent any exploitation happen without human intervention. RASP validate data directly inside the app and make sure it is secure for both web and non- web apps. It will not affect much on the app design because it is operate on the server itself.

In addition, RASP can help to improve security accuracy because it has insight into app logic, data event flows and configuration system. It can identify between the actual attacks and legitimate request for info due to RASP have a code-level visibility, and it did not slow your apps performance. It will analyze all the incoming data after decoded and decrypted properly by the app. This avoid false alert and give it more time to combat with real problem. It could potentially help a corporate to meet their compliance requirements. If the data was being stolen, the hackers are still not able to read or use it. So it will not require reporting data breach for the stolen data. RASP can make BYOD less of a security challenge for an IT department as well.

Mobile app is widely increased across every industry from banking to gaming. Hackers are targeting unprotected app with a focus on banking and gaming to steal user’s valuable data. The benefits of mobile runtime application self-protection are to make app more secure and reliable. RASP can be a solid defense and a way to isolate or neutralize a potential attack, so corporate company can operate business effectively when this uncertain environments happen. So RASP is a critical tool to support the app development and security. It provides an additional layer of protection for apps once they have been deployed, ensure complete integrity and protect sensitive data.

Related Mobile Application Security Products And Services

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