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Application shielding is a set of technologies that protect high value application run under untrusted environments. It typically modifies an application source, binary or byte code to make apps more resistant against reverse engineering, tampering and unwanted modifications for a better security posture. Malware not only comes in the form of malicious, but it can be hidden within the code or embedded in app itself.

Application shielding is a new kind of app protection that works from the inside app. It offers protection for the app beyond what the operating system can offer. Even in the hostile environment on an infected mobile device, it still able to use an app securely. Application shielding protects apps after being attacked by malware and spyware. It does not require the malicious app to be known compare to other security solutions like virus scanners. Security on the app layer is a crucial part of the overall security model, especially on mobile devices.

Mobile application consumer is creating increased risk for enterprises, they can no longer protect only themselves but protect their consumers from the threats as well. As user demands grow, the threat to app security grows with it. To reduce and avoid brand damage, stolen customer data or lost IP, enterprises should apply application shielding for their apps to protect the software-based assets and prevent such attacks. With the mobile devices penetration rate increase rapidly in number, security testing and protection of mobile app and data become mandatory.

Application shielding can be implemented to all application, it not only can run on mobile devices but also on laptop, desktops and servers. Other than media and entertainment industry, government, healthcare and financial industry is also adopted application shielding for their company. Hackers often look for the opportunity to attack on users and also the back-end system. Nowadays mobile malware is not only just creating fake mobile apps but it can leverage the actual program code that every app uses. This make app themselves become a threat to users.

From a research, an enterprise test less than half of the mobile apps they build and 33 percent of the enterprise never test their apps to ensure it is secure to use by end user before they launch in the market. To make life easier, developers often seek for third party platform to leverage workflow and solve specific coding problem. So many apps developed without a strong security, developers rarely feel their app could become the attack target by hackers. By adding application shielding to an app is the first step to create a trusted mobile experience. Enterprises and developers must apply application shielding to every app to close security gaps.

The possibility of vulnerabilities and attacks for unprotected mobile application is high. Application shielding acts as a critical component for IT compliance with layered security measures. It implements app development to enhance security for all apps that access to sensitive or personal data and functionality. But enterprise should avoid using application shielding as a replacement tools for app testing and patching.

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