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Mobile Application Security

Mobile Security

Mobile Application Security

Mobile application security is the range of protection for mobile apps on various platforms like IOS, Android and Windows smartphones. This covers apps that run on mobile devices as well as tablets too. Mobile application security is a practices and policies to shield high-value mobile apps from malware, spyware or any other app-centric attacks. It also helps to minimize the risk of exploits to mobile devices. According to recent study, 70 percent of threats to the network come from mobile application.

Mobile devices are widely used among all of us, but most devices are vulnerable to security weakness. Mobile internet usage has long surpassed desktop usage, but the knowledge on mobile application security is still low to users. A report shows that 88 percent of the average Malaysian mobile users spend more than 3 hours per day on their device. Mobile apps have become the preferred method to access critical services like banking transactions, social networking or files transferring.

When users download an app on their devices, they will first get the warning that the app can access information like email, contact or media files. As a user we often have the urge to click “allow” and settle for a hassle free installation. In this case, we indirectly allow other third parties to get access into our personal information without knowing how high security for the mobile app we have downloaded. The need for a high mobile application security is a must for all corporate company. Because for a corporate company most of the staff bring their own devices, it is essential to make sure they are aware of issue on mobile applications.

Nowadays it is easy to develop a mobile app, the competition in the market is fierce. A successful mobile app is highly depends on its security, but most of the mobile apps in the market were not built with security. Due to high expectation from users, mobile apps have to update frequently. Users always seek for a safe using app for them to interact with people, so it is important to ensure that users data is secured in your app. They do not have enough knowledge, money or time to move the needle for security on their devices.

Mobile application security is to deliver comprehensive security protection for mobile apps. Especially for business productivity mobile apps, it needs to be protected from the risk of running mobile apps in a zero trust world. Business mobile apps should not take corporate data and financial information or asset at risk. Top-notch mobile application security is crucial to prevent brand damage, penalties, financial loss and it can improve on building your business reputation in the market. It may end up wasting all your company resources spent for development.

Mobile application security study and examine the structure of every mobile apps, and checking on the threat area, source code review or area that might be attack by hackers. Mobile application security makes difficult for attackers to get access to sensitive data. Developers will extra focus on the area like cache, database or configuration files inside the devices and to provide better protection on mobile apps.

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