MARCH 2018 – Securemetric Technology, one of South East Asia’s leading regional players in digital security organized an event to promote mobile application security. This event was held across South East Asia, the first leg of the ASEAN Roadshow 2018 kicked things off last March 19 at Royal Chulan, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The second leg of the roadshow held at Kempinski Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 23, followed by Manila, the Philippines at Makati Shangri-la Hotel on March 23, Yangon, Myanmar at Novotel Max Hotel on March 26, Hanoi, Vietnam at Melia Hotel on March 28.

The roadshow was dedicated to providing an overview of SmobileShieldX, application protection and security for a mobile app. SMobileShieldX provides self-defending capabilities to the mobile application to protect against a wide range of attack vectors such as a debugger, code injection, reverse engineering, code analysis, and many others. During the event, threats on a mobile application, case studies on mobile hacking and mobile application attack prevention were highlighted.

Delegates from the financial industry, system integrators, payment gateways, and government, took advantage of the roadshow as it provides highly relevant and useful information. The event was timely and brought awareness to delegates especially now that a lot of transactions made, were through online due to convenience. Nowadays, accessing a bank account, transferring money, paying bills and shopping online can be done almost anywhere and mobile application users forget that even mobile app can become a target by cybercriminals who are skilled and well organized at exploiting the mobile application.

With this, SMobileShieldX ensures that the source code is unreadable to attackers that manage to decompile or disassemble them. In this way, it prevents the attacker from gaining insight into the structure of apps, extracting or altering the code and manipulating vulnerabilities.  SMSX is the best solution for protecting the mobile application even if it is infected.

The ASEAN Roadshow 2018 was a gateway to understand and address clients’ security needs, what they expect from their mobile application and their impression of mobile security. The Securemetric value its client by bringing verified foreign technologies at lower total-ownership-cost by leveraging on ASEAN cost advantage. Also, Securemetric continues its goal in protecting their client against cyber criminals by providing a strong digital security solution that works in the most convenient way.