Manila, Philippines – Entrepreneurs, innovators across payment, e-commerce and retail sectors brought together last Sept 26-27, 2017 at SMX Convention Center, Pasay City for the Philippines’ leading event and conference – Seamless Philippines. The seamless Philippines is Asia’s largest and longest running conference focused on a large scale exhibition that is committed to showcasing products, ideas, and innovation to allow new business opportunities and valuable connection. Teams from Securemetric Technology Philippines participate the exhibition and showcase their Public Key Infrastructure( PKI ) Solution, Digital signature solution, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) solution, as well Multi factor Authentication (MFA) products and solutions to Philippines market.

This two-day event aims to help Philippines ’ business chain to deal with their clients seamlessly especially for the front end e-commerce, retail, and business value chain. The conference structure is intended to give extreme flexibility that tackles the entire omni-channel platforms. There are dedicated tracks for payments, retails and e-commerce. During these tracks, speakers delved deeper topics such as major challenges facing the banking and payments industries, latest innovation and strategies in both in payments and logistics.

Key speakers from top companies including senior leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs kindle new ideas and motivate delegates to be creative in handling their business as this year is the most exciting and challenging year for e-commerce, retail, logistics and payments industries. Delegates were privileged to be joined onstage by Guest of Honor, Mr. ChuChi Fonaciere, Deputy Governor from Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas. He shared his insights on the central bank’s response and regulatory framework for promoting innovation. The opening address was delivered by Finland’s mentor Mr. Malikkan Kotadia and Intrepid Ventures Singapore & Hongkong’s Co-Founder-Partner, Mr. Zach Peister.

Aside from the conference inside the plenary hall, there were also on-floor seminars and talks for the visitors within the exhibition. With his intensive experience in digital security, a representative from Securemetric Technology shared his knowledge, understanding and insightful presentation in protecting business through digital security. Securemetric Technology was also visible in the event as an exhibitor to unveil its digital security products and solutions that are suitable to the developing Philippine market together with over 100 sponsors and exhibitors. Securemetric Technology exhibiting booth was visited by a lot of conference’s participants and exhibition visitors to understand and ask more about Securemetric Technology’s product & solutions include Public Key Infrastructure Solution (PKI), Digital signature solution, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) solution, as well Multifactor Authentication (MFA) solution. The response from the visitors shows the awareness on the security adoption of the Philippines market is rising and show promising growth.

Securemetric’s latest innovation helps its clients from the possible cyber-attack which is chronic especially to the business industries whether it is big, medium or small enterprise.  As Southeast Asia’s leading regional players in the field of digital security, Securemetric is committed to providing its client the best and secured products and solutions for their business. Securemetric has expanded strong local footprints with branches in Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, and the Philippines,  with a core focus in Software Licensing Protection, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Advanced Identity and Access Management Solution( IAM), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and digital signature solution.