HANOI,Vietnam– The South East Asia’s market leader in digital security, Securemetric Technology  together with Malaysia’s Information and Communications Technology Research Center, MIMOS and the worldwide supplier of professional Cyber Security solution, UTIMACO, joined forces to present a seminar that focuses on the analysis of Centralized Authentication Gateway solution (CENTAGATE)  with UAP, a new authentication technology that integrates many different authentication methods that helps to mitigate network attacks. The seminar theme is “Authentication in full Information”.  It was held last August 2, 2016, at Intercontinental Hotel, attended by IT Directors (CIO) from the bank, Officials in charge of Safety Information from Financial Institutions and Insurance in Vietnam.

Mr. Kang Siong, an expert from Center for Research and National Development of Malaysia (MIMOS) mentioned that today and in the near future, the use of traditional authentication method (eg: User Name and Password) will still be common in any online transaction and this basic authentication has the lowest form of security unlike with One-Time Password(OTP), Certificate, Token, Bar Codes and the like. By using a weak password there will be a big chance of hackers to steal personal information that can be used to any Cyber Crime. There were issues raised that using multiple separate authentication methods in a similar transaction will be difficult for the user since it will take more time and still have the risk of any vulnerability. Mr. Kang Siong shared his knowledge on how CENTAGATE  with the new UAP authentication technology could play a vast role to overcome this kind of vulnerability.

CENTAGATE integrates different authentication method. For instance, using smartphones to create a password and a barcode to be scanned through a laptop camera to identify and to have access.

IT Director of Prime Minister office, Mr. Ahmad Zulkfi is one of the speakers who discussed his experience in using an authentication solution for the Agency of the Government of Malaysia specifically in the Finance Ministry. According to him, the Government of Malaysia is using Centralized Authentication Solutions since 2013, “This solution has high stability, continuous 24/7 operation, fast response time, reduce costs and no incidents happened since I used the application”, Mr. Zulkfi added.

Evaluation of information security incidents takes place in Vietnam in recent times. CIO office,  Malaysian Prime Minister and Securemetric Technology’s Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Edward Law shares the security concerns of full information that the agencies and organizations in Vietnam are currently experiencing. They stated that since 2013, the agencies and organizations of Malaysia also suffered from numerous hacker attacks on the service system.

A strategy for security and safety information that is applicable to the agencies and organizations has been developed by the Malaysian government in which it emphasizes the authentication solution. Hence, Malaysia has lessened the attacks on the network.

Questions from the delegates were entertained by technology experts, most of delegates concern is about the feasibility of solutions, compatibility with the software being used in the organization. Delegates expressed their interest in the new Authentication Solution offered by Securemetric Technology.

Securemetric Technology develops robust enterprise security solution with all the essential products and services to meet client’s needs in the most cost and time effective manner, based in Kuala Lumpur with subsidiaries in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta, Yangon, Singapore, and Manila.  With more than 15 years of security experience in serving clients across the world, Securemetric Technology has successfully implemented many projects for Multi-Factor Authentication and Public Key Infrastructure(PKI) security projects both private and public sector.