WITH the continuing support of Securemetric Technology to the Philippine Software Industry Association or PSIA, Securemetric has yet again taken part of the Softcon.ph event as a Bronze Sponsor. As a company that teaches and creates awareness about software protection into the software industry, Securemetric Technology has sponsored this event two years in a row.

SOFTCON.ph is the country’s premier event for promoting and celebrating the world-class products and services of the Philippines’ Information Technology industry. With last year’s success, PSIA created this year’s event to be more exciting by making it a two-day expo that happened on November 4-5, 2015. Day 1 focused more on the business side which tackled the truth about digital businesses as a key theme, by exploring technology trends and taking a look at how technology is driving today’s businesses. The 2nd day focused on the theme of breaking beyond the hype of emerging technologies, with industry experts sharing practical technical advice that can be immediately applied to current work.

The venue was held at the Marriott Grand Ballroom which is simply the Philippines largest hotel ballroom. The venue brought in excitement and good ambiance to the delegates which were a big success by seeing a fully packed crowd of attendees.

Securemetric Technology is dedicated to fighting against software piracy by featuring SecureDongle software piracy. Securemetric teaches and opens software industries mind about the importance of protecting their intellectual property as well as gaining more income by stopping unauthorized use of their software. Also, to make the event more exciting, Securemetric Technology gave away free tumblers for every delegate who will answer the Software Protection Awareness Survey. By doing this, it gave us an idea of how important it is for us to continue helping and partnering with the software industry in protecting their software against cloning, crackers, piracy and more.

Aside from SecureDongle, as we push the awareness about Digital Security, Securemetric also showcased 2 Factor Authentication Tokens, Biometric Solutions, and our latest innovation Centagate – Centralized Authentication Gateway which makes Securemetric the most visited booth on the event.