The 25th June, Securemetric took part in Vietnam ICT Summit 2015 in Hanoi. This is the most important event in Vietnam ‘s software and ICT industry that was organized annually by VINASA. This year, ICT summit once again achieved wonderful accomplishment with more than 500 delegates from ICT and software companies in Vietnam.

Comprising of several meetings and conferences this year, Vietnam ICT Summit is designed to discuss the application of ICT in the major sector and social service management. With the theme of: “ICT and Smart Management”, this summit forum is tailored for high level nation’s information technology and communications professionals. The summit plays a very important role targeting in a new vision and strategic solution for national development based on IT and telecommunication. Four major topics were on agenda at the forum –  ICT empowers healthcare capacity, Develop Vietnam ICT Young Talent, ICT enhances public services efficiency and ICT empowers Smart Cities and Smart Transportation”.

Securemetric Technology was presented as Co-sponsor at this event. By attending this event, SecureMetric showcased an overview about software protection solution – Secure dongle. SecureDongle is the most wanted Software License and Copyright Protection dongle in the market that offers Maximum Security but Minimum Learning and Investment. Many software companies were impressed by SecureDongle product and its Solution. SecureMetric brings to the event a good solution to software developers to prevent revenue loss due to software piracy.

In summary, ICT Summit was an ideal forum to share information and to present SecureMetric product to Vietnam’s Customers. We have met good potential customers who definitely will trust our dongle in the near future.