The Official Introduction of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) Appliance in the Philippines

SecureMetric Technology with the support of MSC Malaysia organized the ASEANFIC 7th on April 29, 2014 at the Makati Shangri-La Hotel. Participants from all over the Financial Institutions in the Philippines gathered to take part in the conference. The event was an accomplishment, with more than 130 delegates gathered to exchange knowledge, collaborate, network and enjoy.

ASEANFIC’s intention is to establish a highly effective knowledge sharing and industrial focus business networking event across the region. One of the most important attributes about ASEANFIC is high level of industry expert speakers from Europe and South East Asia bringing in their A-Level presentations.

With a delightful opening speech from SecureMetric Technology’s Chief Business Development Officer, Mr. Lim Chin Wan, the event started with a big smile on everybody’s face. To follow the opening act, a key ceremony transpired, it is now time to introduce the PKI Appliance in the Philippines. PKI Appliance was launched in the Philippines with the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between SecureMetric Technology’s CEO, Edward Law and Primkey Solution AB’s Vice President for Sales, Björn Jensen. The signing was witnessed by PNP’s (Philippine National Police) Chief Inspector Jay Guillermo of the Anti-Cyber Crime Group and by MSC Malaysia’s Head of Business Development, Mr. Rajen Dorairaj.

The signing was followed by an interview with, Edward Law, Björn Jensen together with (Department of Science and Technology) DOST – (Advanced Science and Technology Institute) ASTI’s Knowledge Management Division Chief, Rene Mendoza by the Local Media. Reporter’s interest and enthusiasm was shown by the two hours session that surprised even the media themselves. The media interest was highlighted by articles published by PNA (Philippine News Agency), PhilippineStar and more.

The PKI Appliance Launch was perfect inauguration to fire up the delegates inquisitive minds. From then on, the Bankers were all focused on listening, acquiring new knowledge and being interactive with each topic being presented. Questions and inquiries were overflowing, especially during coffee break and lunch time wherein partners across the region were full of activity answering queries from guests in the banking industry. With everybody busy networking and collaborating, lunch time was even extended as we’ve seen that every person around was still having fun eating and getting to know each other.

The top 3 topics that  caught our audience’s attention was “Compliance – The Art of Living” by Mr Satish of Tess International, “Mobile Money in Social Development” by Dr. Supriya Singh of RMIT University and lastly “What the Hack? Inside A Hackers Mind” by Mr. Rajagopal.  He was the last to present but definitely not the least as everyone was all amazed and stunned after he did an actual hacking demonstration.

The success of this edition is not going to be possible without the help of our partners namely Epic Malaysia for Mobile Branchless Banking, PrimeKey Solutions AB for Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Ascertia Pte. Ltd for Digital Signature, Tess International for AML System, PT Aprisma for Corporate Internet, and Mobile Banking, Cyber Security for Common Criteria Awareness in the Banking Industry and Akati for the Penetration Testing.

To conclude the conference, an after event cocktail session was held at the Sage Tapas Bar to celebrate another successful edition of ASEANFIC. Together with the partners and delegates across the banking industry, everyone relished the relaxing ambiance of the cocktail hall. Everybody’s attentions were all captured when Mr. Edward Law started to draw the prizes that were given away. The event started and ended with an interest, a big smile and joy on everybody’s face. ASEANFIC Manila Edition received a positive response that delegates were looking forward to 2015’s edition.

For more information on the event, please visit ASEANFIC and please follow the 8th ASEANFIC Hanoi Edition.