Securemetric was honored to be a part of The National Digital Conference 2013, a national level initiative that focuses on existing and future trends in enhancing civil service delivery via digital technologies. NDC 2013 was also a platform to promote innovation as well as to forge synergistic alliances between ICT industries in the digital sphere. This conference which was held on the 2nd and 3rd July 2013, laid out thought provoking topics  by renowned speakers as well as encourage open interaction and collaboration between the Government and the ICT industry.

NDC 2013 supported the Government Digital Transformation agenda and added momentum to existing initiatives besides creating a forum for information sharing and networking. Therefore, we at Securemetric thinks that it was the best avenue to showcase all of our products since we have broad solutions that were in line with the Government Digital Transformation agenda. For example, one of the interesting products that we showcased during NDC 2013 was iReader; a mobile smart card reader that is perfect for mobile payment as it reads credit and debit cards. The use of iReader directly supports The Economic Dimension of Digital Malaysia which covers enterprise enablement and e-commerce. This will in turn increase GNI contribution, wealth generation and market capitalization.

However, the highlight of our exhibition was Advanced Digital Signature Solution (ADSS), a comprehensive, high-performance digital signature solution that can be used to sign all digital documents such as invoices, statements, forms and etc. This solution managed to attract the interest of a few government agencies as they believe the use of this solution in their website can enhance the interaction between government and the public as documents like application forms can be sign digitally so that the public does not have to take time off from work in order to submit the forms  to a government office. The public can now upload or email electronic forms to related agencies and the forms can be signed digitally by a government officer. This will also increase efficiency and transparency and at the same time eliminate expensive paper based process. This is in line with The Governance Dimension of Digital Malaysia, which encompasses both the public and private sector, aiming to enable the government to better reach out to the citizens, enhance transparency and further democratize the nation.

Securemetric was glad that we took part in NDC 2013 as it was a well-organized event where we had a great time introducing our amazing products and solutions to high quality delegates from the public and private sector.