Attended by more than 80 delegates from 30 banks, the 4th Edition of the ASEAN Financial Institution Conference, held in Manila gave the delegates an experience they truly enjoyed. It was a great day of sharing and networking for everyone who attended.

The event started with a welcoming speech from ASEANFIC Manila’s local host, eTeligent. Right from the start, we could feel the excitement in the atmosphere. The enthusiasm showed by the delegates only gave the speakers more energy to present the topics. The first topic  presented was by Mr. Lim Chin Wan, the Regional Sales Director of Securemetric Technology Inc. which talked about Vulnerability Management. This topic garnered a lot of inquiries from the floor. Mr. Chin Wan also invited the banks which attended to try out a free Vulnerability Scan on their bank’s website.

The event was divided into 2 session. The session before lunch focused on IT security where the session after lunch focused on payments. Most of the delegates were also very interested in the mobile banking domain where PT Aprisma Indonesia presented their technology which spellbound the delegates. The last presentation slot was a workshop where Securemetric’s team show the delegates how to use Vulnerability Management to secure the bank’s IT resources. A total of 5 banks signed up for the free Vulnerability Scan.

The event ended with an after-conference cocktail at New World Hotel. During this time, the delegates and the speakers got to know each other in a more relax environment. Chats and laughter could be heard from everyone at the cocktail hall. The lucky draw was also held at the same venue where an iPad Mini, a New iPad and an iPhone 5 was given away.

ASEANFIC 2014 will be coming soon to Manila in March. Stay tuned ASEANFIC for more information and do check out the photo gallery.