The final edition of ASEANFIC 2013 was held in Hanoi, Vietnam. The event saw more collaboration between the bankers and the IT security community to further boost the IT security landscape in Vietnam. Speaking during the event, Mr. Le Manh Hung, Director General, State Bank of Vietnam, was excited that the delegates were so engaging and so many questions were asked. He was  very encouraged to find that many banks in Vietnam are  looking at technology to help secure their IT resources.

ASEANFIC hopes to be a one-stop shop for bankers and IT security specialist, with everything from getting knowledge to networking; from fellowship to facilities for training, coaching and mentoring. During the morning session, there was a lot of interest in the topic of Branchless Banking, a Securemetric   Vulnerability Management .   Volunteer banks who submitted their bank website for vulnerability scans benefited the most from the workshop.

The event ended with the big bang lucky draw where we saw 3 lucky winners taking home an iPad Mini, the New iPad and the iPhone 5. The closing ceremony was officiated by Cyber Security Malaysia’s, Mohd. Anwer. The delegates who were tired towards the end of the event found ASEANFIC to be very informative. One of the delegates mentioned that ASEANFIC should be held on a yearly basis and more speakers should be invited to share their experiences.