On 15th May 2012, Sabah Government Computer Emergency Response Team (SgCert) visited Securemetric Technology to learn more about the products and services offered by Securemetric. The delegates from SgCert was lead by the Director of Sabah State Computer Service Department (SCSD) cum State ICTSO and Chairman of SgCert, Dr. Hj. Mingu Hj. Jumaan. He was accompanied by all of the Department Heads from SgCert. To make the study tour more worthwhile, Securemetric has also invited our partners; Mr. Sivanathan Subramaniam from Security Vitamins and Mr. Peter Wong and Mr. Andy Choy from Verizon Business to also share the products and services that they offered. Another objective of the visit is to establish areas of collaboration between present parties.

The visit started with welcoming remarks from Securemetric’s CEO, Mr. Edward Law. He then proceeded with a presentation that introduced Securemetric’s background as well as our core business. After that, Mr. Sivanathan made a presentation about Building a Security Competent Human Infrastructure. Where he went on to differentiate between security awareness and security competence. His presentation also stressed that human layer is arguably the most important component in security. After coffee break, Verizon Business started their presentation on Peace-Time Maintenance. Their presentation managed to give us some insight on the type of service that SgCert might need in the future and the kind of system that they currently have.

Overall the study tour was a success as we managed to share information and get to know the people behind SgCert better. We at Securemetric will always welcome SgCert to our door and is looking forward to our next meeting with them.