In 2009, the white house in the United States of America under Obama administration hired CIO and CTO, the first in America history and considered one of the most significant event to happen in recent years. What this meant was the government of the most powerful nation and largest economy in the world understands the importance of ICT and acknowledges the seriousness of cyber threat. To this day, cyber threat has stolen millions or possibly billions of dollars and many more priceless data and information all the way from governments to small companies. The threats we face nowadays is no longer merely cat and mouse game where anti-virus detect and quarantine virus or malware, the threat has evolved and grown into something so sophisticated it is arguably more dangerous and threatening  than terrorist.

IQPC has organized Cyber Security for Government Asia 2012 in Prince Hotel and Residence Kuala Lumpur, proudly sponsored by Securemetric Technology to gather security experts from various government agencies and ministries to present and talk about the experiences they been through and share knowledge to discuss a framework for cooperation to better equip others and how to build better defenses against cyber criminals.

Securemetric also invited Primekey Solutions AB (partner of Securemetric Technology) CEO, Mr. Konstantin Papaxanthis as the distinguished speaker to share his knowledge and perspective on government cyber security. PrimeKey is the leading open source enterprise PKI Company in the world with enormous reference list of government, banking and enterprise. Securemetric is the only certified partner of PrimeKey in the South East Region.

Additionally Securemetric invited officials from Philippines, Indonesia, Laos and Vietnam ministries and government agencies to attend the conference as delegates. A booth was setup as well to showcase Securemetric’s latest products and solutions to enable attendees and delegates to further understand and gain better idea on cyber security after listening to speaker’s talks and discussions. It was a two full day conference and some of the many key highlights were – Updating laws and regulations to keep up with the changing cyber landscape – Keeping ahead of cyber criminals and thwarting their sabotages – Managing the threat of social engineering – Examining security and data protection in the cloud – Identifying key risk areas in information security

Cyber Security for Government Asia 2012 was a successful one with attendees gaining more knowledge concerning the importance of implementing digital security or review their digital security measurement if implemented. Since Cyber Security for Government Asia 2012 is an annual conference, attendees will have the chance to discuss or probably give talks about their experience for next year conference.