Securemetric invited its partners, PrimeKey, Utimaco and Ascertia to participate in this year’s Cards & Payment Middle East Conference. It was a very fruitful event as all our partners were able to share our business strategies and at the same time look for opportunities in the Middle East market. Securemetric converted the booth into 4 mini booth to showcase all our partners’ strength which combined together makes a great total end-to-end solution for banks and governments.

Ascertia showcased its digital signature solution while Utimaco showcased its HSM products. As PrimeKey was the leader in the open source PKI solution industry, they gave the visitors to our booth a good look at how to implement PKI. Securemetric with its strength in PKI tokens, promoted its ST3 tokens which compliments all our partners’ products to make the total solution even more secure.

The event was also to help promote our clients in the Middle East using our solutions such as the Al Hilal Bank in Abu Dhabi. At the end of the conference, it was a very tiring but productive 3 days in Abu Dhabi for all of us. We intend to see our products promoted again in the Middle East in 2013!