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EMV Product

EMV Solution

EMV Solution

EMV Key Management

Cryptomathic is a highly experienced EMV vendor that assist businesses including banks, third party service providers and payment scheme to use chip.

What EMV Key Management Do:

  • Data Preparation
  • Key Management
  • Certification Authority
  • Card Management
  • Compliance Assurance, e.g. payment scheme and PCI DSS

More than 150 million EMV cards are annually issued with data generated by Cryptomathic products. There were EMV customers in six continents with a range of regional and global partners to support its large network of regional and multinational customers.

 EMV Products



CardInk is an EMV data preparation system, which offers best-of-breed centralised data formatting and key management while maintaining flexibility to meet any card issuing environment




The Cryptomathic EMV CA is an essential service component for EMV card authentication. The main purpose of the EMV CA is to allow a central authority to issue and manage the certificates of Card Issuers within a given region.


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