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A powerful and flexible Certificate Authority (CA) and Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Management solution to issue, manage and maintain digital certificates; enabling secure and encrypted communication whatever the use case.

Securemetric’s PKI-as-a-Service is the best choice for enterprise PKI implementation – bringing together an open standards software, platform, and personnel required to completely manage and operate your enterprise PKI needs.

Key Benefits

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with short project duration, and fast project deployment.

Maximise Security by letting us setup and manage your PKI in the most secure way.

Free Up Your Resources to focus on delivering high value, critical projects; let the experts manage your PKI.


Secure all application access in one place.

Centagate Cloud offers a centralized login option that protect all applications from security breaches by using FIDO2 passwordless authentication.


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SigningCloud is a universal digital signing platform that aims to support an organisation’s digital transformation journey. Converting manual paper-based process to automated digital signing workflow, SigningCloud reduces the complexity of signing documents while maximising security

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