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Organisations can now secure and quickly optimise the way they create, share, review, approve and digitally sign their key business documents using SigningHub.

Substantial cost savings can be made when paper based processes are moved full on-line including print and send costs as the costs of searching and re-sending. For certain documents traceability, accountability and audit with clear legal weight, data integrity and individual signed approval are vital. Indelible digital signatures enable the on-line approval of any business documents such as agreements, orders, reports, insurance, expenses etc. Organisations need to show that their internal controls are effective and compliant with local legislation, regional directives and market expectations. And increasingly they need to demonstrate their commitment to strong data security and the environment.

SigningHub provides (or uses existing) e-IDs to create advanced digital signatures for persistent document security. The interface is intuitive and makes it easy for people that want to use a system without being baffled by technology. The browser or mobile app interface provides a simple to use, document sharing, viewing and sign-off solution suited to any approval process. Industry standard advanced digital signature security to enable sign-off from anywhere!

SigningHub can be quickly and seamlessly integrated with any existing web-application using a RESTful API. This allows a final summary document to be reviewed and digitally signed by your web-users. See tight integration below.

SigningHub Features:

No Local Software
SigningHub is a web-application and so users do not need to install or manage any local software. All that is needed is a standard web browser and an Internet connection, now users can view, sign and verify any document, from anywhere, at any time.

SigningHub manages multiple end users as part of the on-premise or service offering. For commercial service use, SigningHub includes an e-commerce module that can charge users (or enterprises) on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Fully Interoperable
SigningHub uses standard PDF PAdES signatures including Certify signing. This means that signed documents can be verified by anyone with the freely available Adobe® Reader. Each user has a unique signing key and certificate held securely within SigningHub or locally on a smartcard or USB token or software store. All X.509v3 and eID certificates can be used.

Visible Signatures
Each user can configure a personal signature appearance to be stamped on the document at the time of signing. Administrators can optionally set corporate logos for branding. Dynamic hand-signature images can be captured using tablet or mouse movements. SigningHub controls the signing process so that users can only sign when it is their turn and only in their assigned signature fields

Strong Security and Data Leakage Protection (DLP)
SigningHub encrypts all documents using AES-256 before storage in the database. All web-sessions use SSL/TLS v1.2 encryption. All digital signature use SHA-256 and RSA 2048 or stronger, with trusted timestamps to override any local signing time. The document owner can set the access rights for each collaborator. These include rights (or restrictions) to download the document, print the document, as well as to set and enforce embargo dates for accessing and viewing the document.

Document Tracking
All document actions are recorded and these include the upload time, the time it was shared, when it was viewed and by whom, when it was signed and by whom. Each revision of the document can be saved and viewed by the document owner if required.

Workflow Templates
Often documents are shared with the same people, same permissions and signed in the same places. Rather than specifying these items each time, you can save these details within a workflow template and automatically apply them to other documents that need to be processed in the same way



SigningHub Brochure

SigningHub is the perfect alternative to the old paper-based approach of manually sending, printing, ink-signing and scanning paper documents.


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