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Digital Signature Solution


Digital Signature Solution

Securemetric offers comprehensive range of digital signing solutions that include digital signature creation, verification, timestamping and secured archiving. These key functions deliver the essential trust element to any organization to digitalize their business. Digital signature can offer traceability, accountability with auditable methods; it facilitates originator authentication, signed approvals and to ensure data integrity with provenance to allow them to meet regulatory and internal control requirements.

The usage of digital signature can basically apply to any IT system especially if authorization will be required, below are listed some of the high in demand digital signature applications.


Electronic Documents and Approvals

Organizations need to exchange documents for the purposes of authorization and approval where common documents include sales quotation, sales contracts, purchase orders, project plans, leave applications, expense claims, and more. If with digital signature, the organization can implement proper workflow approval according to its own business process where the signer(s) need not be physically there to approve any of those documents.

Electronic Billing, Invoicing and Statement

There are trends where more organization are moving towards paperless electronic invoicing where studies shown it could save up to 80% compare to traditional paper based. Digital signature can be used to automate the signing process with almost instant delivery to the recipient with guarantee data integrity and issuer authenticity.

Electronic Scroll

It is almost impossible for us to verify the authenticity of a scroll (academic certificate) without going through tedious procedures to contact the issuer. Electronic Scroll with digital signature can address this issue effectively with real-time authenticity validation.


Electronic Notarization

E-Notary will be much needed when there are official documents that require verification of documents and signer by trusted notary. Some countries already started implementing E-Notary which proven to be strong support ecosystem for organization to conduct electronic businesses.

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SigningHub is the perfect alternative to the old paper-based approach of manually sending, printing, ink-signing and scanning paper documents.


PDF Sign&Seal

PDF Sign&Seal is a desktop application that makes it easy to apply PDF digital signatures, time-stamps and strong PDF security to business documents.




SigningHub Brochure

SigningHub is the perfect alternative to the old paper-based approach of manually sending, printing, ink-signing and scanning paper documents.


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